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Learning Formats
Whether you seek interaction, deeper dives into topic areas, learning labs to incite action, thought leader discussions, or all of these, IBPA Publishing University learning formats meet you where you want to be. With options for inspiration, peer learning, in-depth exploration, and hands-on training across a wide range of subjects, you're in control of your own professional development.
  • Keynotes (Various lengths): An inspiring proven industry expert presentation or conversation sharing unique experiences, knowledge, and ideas

  • Deep Dive Breakout Sessions (60 minutes): Targeted development of skills and understanding featuring lecture-based instruction with very brief audience Q&A

  • Learning Lab Breakout Sessions (90 minutes): A blend of lecture-based instruction, case studies, peer learning, and high levels of interaction

  • Independent Publisher Idea XChange (45 minutes): A fun blend of a speed-round panel with a networking event (and journaling!) to tackle three issues-of-the-moment

  • Preconference Workshops (4 Hours): In-depth practical and/or advanced instruction to enhance capabilities, critical skills, and knowledge advancement

  • Edutainment (Various Durations): Creative and experiential formats designed to entertain and inspire

  • Ignite Sessions (5 Minutes): Enlighten us, but make it quick! 5-minute presentations where the presenters must use 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds

Learning Levels
We're all at different stages in our publishing career and require different levels of learning. IBPA Publishing University leaves it up to you to decide which content is most beneficial and appropriate for your level of experience.
  • 101: Focus on awareness and factual recall; appropriate for those with limited experience of the subject area seeking introductory understanding of the content area
  • 201: Focus on application and implementation of highly technical or detailed topics; appropriate for those with substantial prerequisite knowledge seeking the most up-to-date information to heighten expertise

  • All Levels: Appropriate for  "Ignite Sessions," "Keynotes," "Edutainment," and sessions labeled 101/201

IBPA Member Type
​IBPA supports independent publishers of all shapes and sizes and IBPA Publishing University strives to be the one conference to benefit all. To this end, all sessions are categorized by the following IBPA Member Types.
  • Independent Publisher: publishers publishing the work of others (as well as - sometimes - their own work) using a traditional or hybrid publishing model, inclusive of association presses, nonprofit presses, and university presses
  • Author Publisher: publishers exclusively publishing their own work (a.k.a. self-published authors)
  • All Publishers
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