Health & Safety Guidelines

We will update this page every Tuesday, or as needed.
March 3, 2020; 12:00 PM Pacific
As of March 3, 2020, we plan to hold IBPA Publishing University and the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award ceremony as planned, April 3-5, 2020 in Redondo Beach, California. We've been monitoring CDC recommendations related to the Coronavirus and are mindful that some attendees may have questions related to our approach to the conference this year.
Several factors influenced our current decision to move forward.
  • At this time, the official risk level for Coronavirus in California is extremely low and CDC is not suggesting people restrict non-essential travel to the state.
  • Other events happening around the same time, including Muse & the Marketplace and the AWP Conference, are moving forward as planned.
  • All IBPA Publishing University 2020 faculty are still on board and we're excited to present one of the best programs yet.
As we move forward as a community, we recommend all participants take the following steps in order to help keep everyone safe and healthy onsite. These precautions are general health measures we should take with any meeting, and can be applied to help prevent illness.
  • In general, follow the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization.
  • Wash hands often and for at least 20 seconds each time. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be available at the registration desk and in all meeting rooms.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with something disposable (like a tissue) when you cough or sneeze. If you do not have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Avoid hand shaking and hugs. It's okay to refuse both if they're one will take offense.
  • Most importantly, if you are not feeling well, please stay home and get well and allow us to defer your attendance to IBPA Publishing University 2021, to be held April 8-10, 2021 in Orlando, Florida. Email for more information.
Obviously, the Coronavirus is a unique event that presents unique challenges to IBPA and the community we serve. We are committed to working with members and keeping them informed and updated throughout our time together in Redondo Beach. If you have individual concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at
March 4, 2020; 1:00 PM Pacific
In response to news today that Los Angeles City & County officials declared a local state of emergency related to COVID-19 (i.e., Coronavirus), the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board released the following statement:
"As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, Los Angeles Tourism is committed to keeping you informed with the latest developments. This morning, out of an abundance of caution, Los Angeles City & County officials declared a local state of emergency as it relates to COVID-19. We understand this language may be confusing, so we want to help clarify what this means for our visitors and industry. 
This declaration – which we’ve seen issued across other communities in the U.S. in the past week – allows the City & County to qualify for additional state and federal funding needed to prepare for COVID-19 in the future, if such funds are needed at all. Such proclamations allow officials at the federal, state, and in this case, local levels to mobilize quickly and activate a menu of powers to focus on preparedness and prevention.
The County has announced six new confirmed cases, all of which were traced back to a known exposure source. Health officials stressed that there are no known cases of community transmission at this time.
It is important to note that, at this time, LA County Department of Public Health reports 'there is currently no immediate threat to the general public, no special precautions are required, and Los Angeles County visitors are encouraged to engage in their regular activities and practice good public health hygiene.”' 
We continue to follow the guidance of our partners at U.S. Travel Association and health authorities such as the CDC: 'The CDC does not currently have a COVID-19 travel health notice for Continental US,' and therefore, the CDC 'does not recommend canceling or postponing travel” within the Continental US.'"
Other pieces of information gathered through IBPA's ongoing research:
  • 98% of all COVID-19 cases are from Mainland China.
  • There are only 1,848 cases outside of China with 80% of all cases existing in S. Korea, Italy, and Iran.
  • China reports only 129 new cases – the lowest number of new cases since January 20, 2020.
  • Some cities are declaring a “State of Emergency.” It is important to note that this does not mean there is an emergency, but allows the city to mobilize agencies as needed to move quickly if there is an outbreak and to gain federal funds, if needed. This is very procedural and often misunderstood.
March 6, 2020; 9:30 AM Pacific
Yesterday, the IBPA Executive Committee held an open meeting for the IBPA Board of Directors to discuss ongoing plans for IBPA Publishing University 2020 in light of COVID-19 (i.e., Coronavirus). Coming out of this meeting, IBPA's plan is to continue following local and national health authority recommendations with regard to holding the conference as planned. This means as of March 6, 2020, the conference is moving forward.
Several inflection points were identified by the IBPA Executive Committee that could change our decision to move forward. These inflection points include:
  • A critical mass of sponsors cancel.
  • A critical mass of speakers cancel.
  • A critical mass of attendees cancel.
  • LAX airport shuts down.
  • LA County begins restricting access to other public events.
Although none of the inflection points above have been reached yet, IBPA is committed to closely monitoring the situation and posting updates as our thoughts and procedures evolve. In the meantime, if you are not feeling well, please let us know you'd like us to defer your attendance to IBPA Publishing University 2021, to be held April 8-10, 2021 in Orlando, Florida. Email for more information on deferment.
Assuming none of the inflection points above are reached prior to March 20, 2020, a full IBPA Board of Directors meeting has been set for that date with the sole purpose of making a final "go/no go" decision related to hosting the conference as planned.
March 6, 2020; 6:45 PM Pacific
Earlier today, the CDC released new recommendations for people at higher risk for COVID-19 complications. This includes older adults (60+ years old) and people who have severe chronic medical conditions. Among other things, the list recommends people at higher risk "avoid crowds as much as possible."
Based on these recommendations, any IBPA Publishing University 2020 registrant at higher risk for COVID-19 who wishes to receive a refund of their registration fees (as opposed to deferring their registration to 2021), should email for more information.
March 10, 2020; 2:00 PM Pacific
Today, the IBPA office proactively reached out to all speakers and sponsors to gather their thoughts related to traveling to and participating in IBPA Publishing University 2020. The situation in LA County remains the same, with risk for contacting COVID-19 extremely low, but we understand this is a stressful time for some and would like to understand as many points of view as possible. We will continue monitoring the situation and let the community know if conference plans change. In the meantime, please know all of us at IBPA are fully supportive of whatever decision people eventually decide to make on behalf of themselves and their family.
March 11, 2020; 12:00 PM Pacific
On March 11, 2020, after considering current recommendations from CDC and elsewhere, the IBPA staff and board of directors decided to cancel IBPA Publishing University 2020. These are truly unprecedented times and we, like many who planned to attend the conference, are disappointed. We understand how important the networking, education, and general support would have been to everyone.
The IBPA office will work out details related to the cancellation over the next week and send all sponsors, speakers, and registrants a detailed email with more information on Monday, March 23rd. We will offer several options for the registration and sponsorship fees already paid, including deferring them to IBPA Publishing University 2021 (April 8-10, 2021 in Orlando, Florida), keeping them on account to use toward other IBPA products, or receiving a full refund.